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Keeping Your Manga Collection Current

Jennings, April

K. Dacey. (2010, June 28) Keeping your Manga Collection Current.
(Web log comment). School Library Journal. Retrieved from
Dacey (2010) participated in an ALA conference discussion. The name of the discussion was “Good Comics for Kids and the focus was to teach young readers how to librarians how to develop a collection that would interest young readers, particularly, graphic novels. It addition, it included information on how to coordinate, purchase and establish materials for such a collection. Most of all the discussion provided critical information formulates a collection development policy efficiently.
The main reason this topic is important is the decline in young readers. As Manga quickly became the topic of discussion, many of the panel agreed the Manga collection was not as popular due to a number of pirated copies. In fact, the larger have the interest of patrons and students since they have a large selection of titles Yet, they believe Manga is viable option to the library to attract young readers because MangaFox and OneManga have a large number of teens using these sites (Dacey, 2010). Now the biggest question on the minds of school and community librarians is “How to bring them back to the library?” Dacey, 2010 offers the following suggestions from the panel discussion.
1. Stay Current with ongoing series
Libraries who collect only a few volumes of a series, you will lose your patrons. Make sure you have at least the majority of the titles. Even in the difficult times such as budget cuts, make a point to have the best and most popular titles. Keep abreast of popular or for missing series, use Anime News Network or MangaBlog, as publishers may put under-performing items on a limited release schedule.
2. When you finish collecting a complete series, find a new title to collect
Always stay current, because readers change with each generation. As one series ends, start a new one, this will spark a new interest and maybe come your next popular item. Just make sure you keep your collection fresh!

3. Stay current with popular culture
It is critical to keep up with a variety of popular genres. There is no way to rely solely on the current interest of kids and teens; therefore, it is a good idea to consider the ubiquitous nature of young readers. This simply means the primary interest may be novels, Television shows, movies or fiction, zombies, or vampires. So add a little variety to your Manga collection!

4. Keep tabs on what teens are buying
During the 2000s., teens were interested in Tokyopop and VIZ, then Cardcaptor, Sakura, and Dragonball. Use NY Times Graphic books Bestseller list to see what teens are buying these days. If your purchases are limited to Dark Horse, Del Rey, Toyopop or VIZ, perhaps it is time to add Yen Press to your list.  Although NY times has a few flaws, it does provide useful information as what is they are buying from bookstores.  Other possible sources for teens may be Deb Aoki’s Annual Best Manga polls. They also offer selections for younger children.
5. Don’t overlook smaller publishers
 Vertical Inc. 2010 line-up has two well-known Manga titles called, Chi’s Sweet Home and Twin Spica. UDON Entertainment is beginning to include books for grade school readers,  particularly for grades 2-5 readers, such UDON Kids manag (The Big Advantures of Majoko, Fairy Idol Kanon, Ninja Baseball Kyuma! And Swans in Space
           This article ends with a reminder that one strategy is going to significantly and quickly change a collection, however, with the essential components of a solid plan over a long period of time, can prove to show success for creating a auspicious manga collection. 

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