Thursday, May 9, 2013

Reader's First Initiative

ReadersFirst (2012) ReadersFirst Content Access Draft. Retrieved April 15 from

The ReadersFirst initiative was put together to better control ecollections. Many Libraries that are moving to cloud computing and other vendors for their ecollections are experiencing problems in data collecting and tracking. When you purchase books from vendors, it is usually in bulk. Thus it makes it hard for libraries to have any knowledge of what they are getting or what people are actually purchasing. Moreover, many ecollections take you off site, because they do not operate in the boundaries of the library.

The initiative looks to mend these problems. They issued guidelines that they feel would immensely help Librarians with their ecollections. The draft is broken into 7 categories:

1. General terms and conditions
2. Item Meta data
3. Circulation Transactions
4. Patron Account Information
5.Patron Notifications
6. E-Content Format
7. Administrative Reporting

The gist of the draft is to give full control to the library. A user should be able to log in, see what their holds, queues, expirations, and other account information. This also should be done without any outside advertising. On the other side, librarians should be able to update information freely and have access to all data, such as database access and book tracking.

Many ecollections are moving towards this initiative. Polaris has already began doing it and Overdrive had announce that they will begin to integrate with libraries about a month ago. E-lending is still in its infancy so there is going to be some growing pains, but with this initiative, it seems they are moving in the right track.

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