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Crafting Your Collection

Keep, Faylene

Donohue, N. (2011). The act of creating. Library Journal,
          136(13), 38-n/a. Retrieved from [Database]
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This article is about collection development in public libraries which focuses on the craft section development. It provides some good suggestions on weeding out and building the collection. Crafting is still a popular pastime and will be for many years, I don’t see the trend slowing. Nanette Donohue suggests not only focusing on beginner’s section, but building the collection to include intermediate or advanced materials as well.

 Some of the popular crafts are knitting, crocheting, and quilting as well as green crafting and up-cycling by revamping, embellishing, or reusing materials in unexpected ways. I believe that fiber arts and crafts are blossoming and with websites like Etsy I don’t see the trend slowing. I would go one step further in regards to collection development and suggest beading books and incorporating foreign language books like Japanese craft books, which offer array of crafting ideas which can be easily utilized by English language speakers by using the international charts and symbols provided by most crafting books.

Nanette also suggests websites such as Craftsy and FatQuarterly. I would like to add some of my own suggestions which are free as follows:

  • Raverly a community for knitters, spinners, and crocheters

I know if I were able to work in collection development, everyday would be like Christmas day building the craft section, and add to that gardening, DIY, and cooking.

Comments: I liked this article it is fun to read, although it did not offer an in-depth review the author provided good tips when developing the crafting and hobby portion of collection development, as well as tips for patrons interested in outside sources. I know we talked about implementing a web/internet/website advisory which provided tips such as safety tips, links to great websites, and free resources, and I believe that would be something I would be interested in developing for patrons, regardless of subject matter. Providing advice regarding OSS platforms, and free courses, would be just as helpful as a reader’s advisory. I believe that it would be useful and is needed in the WWW due to the Wild West type pitfalls of surfing the internet.

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  1. That's sounds like a fun article to read, I will have to check it out. I myself like to scrapbook.