Tuesday, November 29, 2016

The Art of Crafting Music Score Approval Plans: An Ongoing Process

Peralta, Polly

Hooper, L. (2016). The art of crafting music score approval plans: An ongoing process. Collection Management, 41(4), 228-235.


This article is about one music librarians goal to build a music score collections with limited funds. Lisa Hopper, the music librarian at Tulane University, decides to separate the music score budget from the liberal arts budget to make the budget stand on its own. The article discusses the Daniel Zager Factors for creating a collection plan and what happened when this librarian applied it. Also, the librarian talks about Marica Kingsley and questions she advises librarians to ask themselves when researching for a collection.


This article is a good read for new music librarians it helps give them an idea of how to start their collection; what factors should be considered; and identifies sources that are out there on this topic.

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