Thursday, December 1, 2016

Foolproof Graphic Novel Collection Development

Deligencia, Nick

Kosturski, K. (2012, October 12). Foolproof graphic novel collection development. Retrieved from

Summary:  Graphic novels cover fiction and nonfiction topics.  A library can start with a small collection and grow it over time.  Many TV shows and movies are based on graphic novels, which is helping to push graphic novels into the mainstream.  The author suggests that developing this area of a library collection can draw new patrons to the library.  Comics are also discussed in the article, particularly because “Comics fans go to the library. They like to read.” 

Comments:  This article is great if you’re just getting started thinking about graphic novels.  The graphic novels collection in my school library definitely has the highest voluntary circulation rate, and students are always asking for more.  Since it’s unlikely that a school library has sufficient funding to acquire all graphic novels and comics that students request, a few guiding principles about developing this area of the library is tremendously useful.

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