Thursday, March 30, 2017

Using social media to improve user experience

Kathy Faubion
Price, E., & Richardson, R. (2017). Eavesdropping on the user experience. College & Research Libraries News, 78, 16-19. Retrieved from:
Descriptive Summary: Libraries need to pay more attention to social media feedback in order to provide good customer service and maintain the integrity of our “brand”. Yik Yak is a mobile app which is kind of like a local public bulletin board, and is popular on some college campuses as a feedback outlet. This study harvested the data from Yik Yak about the college library and found out what the students had to say about their user experience.  Things like not enough computers, poor directional signage, and overall not enough access to new technology in an old building. The study concluded that libraries need to monitor social media feedback to find ways to improve customer service.

Evaluation: It seems to me that more and more folks will look for reviews on a product or service before they buy or use it. Many businesses monitor their feedback and customers look for businesses which are prompt in response. The library should do the same. Although surveys can be useful, I see this as the future way to respond to customer needs.

Keywords: mobile apps, librarians, libraries, user experience

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