Sunday, April 9, 2017

Electronic Resource Management in the Academic Library

Wikoff, Karin. (2012). Electronic resources management in the academic library: a professional guide. Santa Barbara, California: Libraries Unlimited.

     This book covers electronic resources in databases, e-journals, e-journal collections, e-books, and talks about linking technologies, and e-resource management systems within the academic library. The author talks about knowing what resources you need and, "why you collect materials in the first place" (pg. 9). The author provides three distinct parts that make up an effective collection, "philosophy, policy, and procedure"(pg. 9), and points out that it is much easier to choose what you're going to collect once you know why you collect.
     The book covers what a content provider is, "vendor, or a publisher, or any number of in-between agents" (pg. 11). It provides a definition of the role of aggregator as someone who picks and chooses data from different content providers and puts it all together in a neat package. The book goes in to the various ways of making the content available, using trials, evaluation, and keeping costs low.

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