Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Format Follows Function

Denise Lester
Peet, L. (2015) Format follows function. Library Journal, 140(14), 34-37.

This article discusses the ever challenging task of not only selecting titles that patrons want, but also selecting the right format.  With so many options within a prescribed format, librarians have to constantly anticipate the expectations of their patron's preferred titles and preferred formats.  This can be especially challenging if the collection is patron driven.  If it is not patron driven, then the librarian is at liberty to select titles and formats based on past usage.  However, if the collection is patron driven, then the collection risks being too heavy and unbalanced in one area (genre and format) and not others.  The author offers current assistive tools available through vendors and explains acquisitions techniques that help librarians determine titles and formats for succesfull cross platform development.

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