Sunday, April 9, 2017

Managing Electronic Resources: A LITA Guide

Weir, Ryan, O. (2012). Managing electronic resources: A LITA guide. Chicago: American Library Association.
     This book goes more in depth about managing electronic resources, and includes all libraries. The author talks about the balancing act librarians are faced with due to budget cuts, "on the one hand, patrons have a higher expectations for instant access to electronic resources; on the other hand, libraries have to deal with budget cuts and rising continuations pricing" (pg. 19). The book offers up ways of saving money by partnering with consortia, interlibrary loan, pay-per-view options, and patron driven acquisition.
     The author talks about copyright versus licensing and how important it is to negotiate and to be specific so everything you want as far as, "access and flexibility of use for a specific resource is spelled out in the final license document" (pg. 55).  One of the chapters I liked the best was a day in the life of an electronic resources manager. It seemed hectic and one definitely needs a high set of organizational skills to keep all the transactions in order.

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