Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Oyzon, Joanna

Zaleski, A. (2018, February 10). The CD is dead? Not so fast. Salon. Retrieved from:

Two huge retailers, Target and Best Buy, are reevaluating their compact disc sales strategies. Target wants to pay music labels only for what is sold (instead of buying CDs upfront and then returning them for credit). Best Buy, in an even bigger move, has decided to stop selling CDs as of July 1. CD sales have been slipping for years (as vinyl record sales have increased). However, streaming still dominates. As Zaleski states, "On-demand audio and video streams sales increased 43% to 618 billion. Physical and digital album sales, meanwhile, decreased 17.7 percent, to 169.15 million, " (2018). However, she believes compact discs will still be used by those without a solid internet connection and people who prefer stability in their music collection.

I am not surprised that CDs are decreasing in popularity. I don't remember the last time I bought a physical CD, and I have been using streaming services (Google Play, Spotify and now Amazon) for years now.  But... I've also got a library of my own music from my decades-long music buying days that I have digitized back when the iPod was popular. When I listen to new music I like, I'm able to listen to it for while... until it disappears from the streaming catalog, then I buy it digitally. Hoopla is a streaming service that is in use by libraries, but it doesn't have everything. For example, I just searched for Radiohead. There where no albums. So unless you want to hear a karaoke or a piano tribute to Radiohead, you're out of luck. In the future, when digital and streaming are much more dependable than they are now, I see libraries no longer having physical CD collections. Currently though, if having a stable music collection with breadth that is usable by people without a solid internet collection is important to a library, then physical CDs are the way to go.


  1. We use freegal at my library. Unlimited streaming and five downloads a week. It's a pretty sweet deal! - Amy DiBello

  2. Ooo! I checked it out but still hardly any Radiohead. 4 songs total, no albums. I also searched for my current 2 favorite bands, Florence and the Machines (1 song) and Alt-J, nada.

  3. Our library still has a high demand for books on CD - especially useful for commuters.