Tuesday, March 20, 2018

What the 21st-Century Library Looks Like

Cassandra Swartzwelder

Najmabadi, S. (July 02, 2017). What the 21st-Century Library Looks Like. The Chronical of Higher Education. Retrieved from https://www.chronicle.com/article/What-the-21st-Century-Library/240494

This article is about the changes that occurred at DePaul’s John T. Richardson Library. Recently the library went through a renovation that reflect today's digital world. The main floor no longer holds books, but instead offers a space where patrons can gather, talk, and get technical help from the Genius Squad counter. This part of the library has transitioned from being a library of collections to a library of people. The internet has taken the place of books. Due to this some libraries have moved their books off-site to create more space for their users. Libraries are getting rid of items or placing them in storage. The article notes that HathiTrust, is making sure that at least one of its member libraries holds onto a physical copy of each resource hosted online. This allows the library to free up much needed space that is requested by its users while preserving its collection. This also has had an effect on a librarian’s job. Librarians are spending less time with collections and more time teaching. In order to fit their new role libraries are buying less print and more electronic resources.

This article reflects the climate of today. It address how libraries and librarians jobs are changing due to technology. It also notes the importance of preserving the libraries print collection. By doing all of these things, libraries will be able to provide the user with their needs for the years to come.
Preserve technology storage collection downsizing

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