Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Outsourcing in public libraries: Placing collection management in the hands of a stranger?


Ø  The point of the section of the book, was a review of testing out that purchasing new addition to library‘s collection by using a third member party for the library better or more cost effected method.  All libraries have their budget to concerned, with a limited staff available, and libraries

Point to concern:
Ø  The first outstanding aspect to concern is that major of the libraries that are describe in this article are located in the UK.  The process describe both for libraries book purchase and outsources companies may not be application to libraries in the US. 
Ø  This article is quick to point out that that private section libraries already have outsource their collection developing needs, however public libraries has not because of several factors.  One is the governmental law governing what could be outsource.  Second aspect libraries get a discount when buying from publishers.  This unclear whether outsource will lose this price discount.
Ø  The advance of outsource to a third party: Libraries do not have to negotiate with several different publisher for their materials.  Speed up time to cataloged material into the OPAC.

Most important take away:
Ø  This Article end on an interesting note asking if libraries’ physical collection is still the main attraction of the given library?  Given that patrons’ number has been dropping and more client are coming into the library for access to technology. 
Ø  How are Libraries buying services and material are buying material is significantly different.  Many libraries are a part of a consortia of different branches, this change how purchasing is done and term of negotiation for prices for subscription to databases or number of copies is different.
Work Citation:

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