Friday, April 7, 2017

Fighting Fake News

Janet Harris
Banks, M. (2017, March). Fighting Fake News. American Libraries Magazine, 48 (March-April), 1- 80.

Fighting Fake News by Marcus Banks

The article describes how librarians are at the forefront of helping the patron know the difference in unverified information and real information. This must be done at an early age to teach the child how to know the difference between the two. Resources are available which may assist with the emerging constant barrage of fake information. According to the article, "librarians from Indiana University East have developed a Libguide to identify fake news with questions of what to ask to determine if the information is fake."

Information will always have the possibility of being false or true. However, with librarians who can assist patrons the information has a greater chance of being correct. The need for people who possess the skill required to sort though all the digital and print media seeking the truth are going to be needed more than ever.


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