Sunday, April 9, 2017

How To Build a High Quality Library Collection in a Multi-Format Environment: Centralized Selection at University of Wyoming Libraries

Denise Lester
Barstow, S., Macaulay, D., & Tharp, S.How to build a high-quality library collection in a multi-format environment: Centralized selection at university of wyoming libraries. Journal of Library Administration, 56(7), 790-809. Retrieved from

The article begins with a brief history on the methodologies used in the academic library's materials selection process since few scholarly articles can be found in this area.  It continues to track the increasingly important role of the librarian and collection development from the 1950's to 1979. Specific concerns over poor communication between faculty and the library, the issue of quality control, quantity over long term and transitioning to having scholars as selectors are discussed.

Pioneers of academic collection development and their methodologies for collection management are listed and progression in thinking is seen from one model to the next, However it is not until the 2000's that academic collection development and management shifts to a centralized model that allows librarians to make decisions quickly instead of using a decentralized model where faculty/scholars choose materials which risked an unbalance collection and allocation of funds.

Finally, as electronic resources became more prominent in collection development, their management took on a different resource management system and a new position, Electronic Resource Librarian,(ERL) developed to specifically develop and manage electronic materials. Subsequently, specific subject area librarians become selectors for materials instead of one librarian selecting for all areas which later morphed into the current practice of a group of librarians who collaborate with academic departments and help build the collection more effectively.

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