Thursday, April 6, 2017

Key Trends Affecting Libraries- Smithsonan Institution

Janet Harris

Marino, A., & Nazorav, A., (2004, July).  Key Trends Affecting Libraries. Retrieved April 6, 2017      from

The article studied issues that affected libraries. Selection and retrieval is key to libraries and the fact of emerging
technologies and its affect upon relationships between librarians and patrons. Even with the use of "Google" the 
librarian is found to be a increasingly useful
search tool. Thus, making librarians aware of the need to be proficient in search tools. According to the article,
 "Searching for information has become more of a focused based search".
Data can be found in various locations and many universities and large libraries may share information within 
the collection they hold with other libraries and patrons. 
How does this affect libraries in general? Libraries seek ways to deal with the changing technology and to 
provide services, all while attempting to remain within sometimes tight budgets.
 Current technology provides opportunities for librarians to reach out to the communities they live and work in. 
While this article was written in 2004, the information is still current and can be useful to current students.

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