Sunday, May 14, 2017

Disher - Crash Course in Collection Development

Haley Tallent
Disher, W. (2014). Crash Course in Collection Development. Westport, CN: Libraries Unlimited.

This book provides an introductory look at Collection Development with sections covering: Community Analysis, Assessment, Policy Creation, Collecting Data, Budgeting, Selection, Sources, Maintenance, Promotion, Complaints, and Digital Collection.

Overall this book is a good introductory read although it gets a bit repetitive if one has read other books on the topic so this is definitely a book for beginners. The new editions section on digital collections is important and a part that seems to be left out of other introductory books that deem it as needing a whole book of its own. This book also has a lot of sections that deal with potential problems or challenges which is great for newcomers and experienced librarians alike to reference when problems arise. 

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