Friday, November 25, 2016

A digital library for everyone

Leslie Fox
INFO 266

Cottrell, M. (April 15, 2013). A digital library for everyone. American Libraries. Retrieved from:

The Digital Public Library of America (DPLA) is a project, spearheaded by Maura Marx, to digitize the nation's little known cultural archives and share them for free with everyone.
DAPL will be a portal to a fraction of what's out there. An array of digitized special collections from the Smithsonian to the National Archives. It sets out to unite these materials in a single virtual space. 

The Digital Hubs Pilot Project is a confederation of seven digital libraries (six state and one regional) that make up the beginning of what's available at DPLA. Several other cultural and educational institutions are also involved in states such as: Arizona, Georgia, Kentucky, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Nevada, Oregon, South Carolina, Utah. Harvard University is on board to share their digital collections as well. DAPL will be more of an aggregator of existing collections than a repository. "The purpose of the DPLA is to establish a platform of resources that will help libraries and other cultural heritage institutions to succeed in the digital area," says John Palfrey, president of the DPLA board of directors.

Here's a link to the now launched site: Digital Public Library of America .

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