Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Documents That Changed the World

Toni Vornhagen

INFO 266

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Joseph Janes Pod Cast

                Joseph Janes is an associate professor/ chair in the MLIS program at University of Washington.  Professor Janes does podcasts that can be seen on YouTube.  The one I watched is called Documents That Changed the World and is about an hour long.  The hour flies by while this charming and intelligent man tells engaging stories of historical events that shaped the way we live today.  He discusses the meaning of a document, its effects as well as its historical value.  A document is everything from a receipt, the bible, a wanted poster, and the AIDS quilt. It can be anything from mixed media to a human voice and be of little consequence or have profound importance.  Documents can be oral, aural, a painting, a bill or a video.  Today our life is a string of documents.  But more interesting are the ubiquitous items we have come to take for granted that Janes highlights such as the Rosie the Riveter poster.  It was originally not meant for the public, just the factory where the women came to work.  It was meant to inspire and was based on a song. It has taken on a life of its own; a symbol of women, home, a period in time and war.  Documents add order and structure and meaning.  They also become beloved such as the original rule book for soccer…who knew? 

`               This podcast reminds me of the fine lectures I enjoyed at UC Davis.  It was not a burden to go to class when the professor was so eloquent and engaging.  Janes simplifies without talking down.  He is humorous while educating.  As a library student, I want to know the reasons behind the items I maintain and care for but as person interested in the history and modern connections of humanity, I enjoy Jane’s gift of storytelling.  This hour is worth your time. 

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