Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Establishing a Mobile Resources Collection Development Policy

Chase, Matthew
Fall 2016


DeRosa, A. P., & Jewell, S. T. (2014). Establishing a mobile resources collection development policy. Journal of Electronic Resources in Medical Libraries, 11, 144-154.


This article focuses on the collection development process for mobile resources in medical libraries. Specifically, the authors addressed the policies to be created on the evaluation and selection of these applications. Several criteria need to be established for these decisions such as user relevance, content quality, cost, and access. The article also discusses marketing strategies unique to a mobile resources collection as the library should utilize LibGuides, social media, and its website as prime promotional opportunities.


 I found this article very relevant as my own library recently curated and marketed a collection of free educational apps for faculty and students. Following the guidelines and criteria provided would have made such an endeavor much more effective. As the authors indicated, clear channels of communications among curators is essential which makes it all the more important to establish a policy on the collection process. The marketing tools included also highlight the value of selectors in knowing how to effectively promote a unique collection.


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