Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Practice Makes Perfect

Peralta, Polly

Mickelsen, A. (2016). Practice makes perfect. Library Journal, 141(14), 34-36.


Mickelsen discusses ways that public libraries that are small and do not have a full-time collection development librarian can keep up with developing their library collection.  She first starts the article by explaining what collection development is.  Secondly, she discusses the budget and how there needs to be a budget for different formats, for example, books,  e-books, and databases.  Thirdly, she talks about how technology can help analyze and keep track of circulation; however, these tools are nothing compare to patrons input about the collection. Then Mickelsen moves on to talk about the use of donations and local self-published authors' materials. In the end, she discusses maintenance, weeding, and what challenge collection development is.


Mickelsen gives some useful tips on collection development in a public library.  I like her suggestions on following blogs and websites that talk about new titles, and looking at what the local independent bookstore have on their shelves. Plus this article was an easy read with no annoying jargon.  

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