Monday, November 28, 2016

Practical Tips on Weeding and Acquisition

Deligencia, Nick

Kalan, A.P. (2014, May 20). The practical librarian's guide to collection development: Weeding and acquisition made easier. Retrieved from

Summary: A public librarian offers advice about weeding in preparation for acquisition. The author provides practical tips about "easy weeding" for "subject areas that change rapidly", including guidebooks that require continuous updating. Other considerations are suggested: historical or political (expounded upon in the article), memoirs, technology and science. Some guiding concepts about "politically incorrect works" help readers think about today's patrons.

The author recommends dividing the new materials budget by 12 to keep monthly acquisitions in line with budget constraints. It is important to know what customers want, and to recognize that they are likely seeking titles that have been reviewed in various media or appear on best seller lists. Library holds and other statistics provide insight about in-demand titles, authors, genres.

Commentary: Recommended reading.

The article is not lengthy, and it delivers on the title. For a novice librarian, ideas about where to begin the weeding process are tremendously useful. The author also describes a thought-process for determining how to determine what gets weeded. The article's section about acquisitions seem directed at well-funded libraries. A bulleted list of tips near the end of the article is too concise to be summarized here and that alone makes that section, at-least, worth reading.

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