Tuesday, November 1, 2016

The Development of a Collection Development Policy

Chase, Matthew
Fall 2016


Cabonero, D. A., & Mayrena, L. B. (2012). The development of a collection development policy. Library Philosophy and Practice, 2012, 1-23.


This article presents an in-depth examination on how to develop a collection development policy. The authors administered a survey to the Eastern Luzon Colleges' students, faculty, and stakeholders so as to gain community insight into the library's current collection development practices, and how they met participants' expectations and perceptions. In critical comparison and assessment of the findings, the library was able to build a policy that reflected the needs of its campus community.


This article functions as both a scholarly publication and a working template on creating an effective collection development policy. The authors promoted a more interactive experience for the community to engage in collection development, particularly at the policy level. It is useful since it can help justify current practices to stakeholders, winning their support so as to continue providing quality collections matching the needs and interests of patrons.

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