Monday, March 12, 2018

Collaboration: ILL and Resource Sharing Between Public and School Libraries

Chapman, Sherry

Smith, D., Shea, M., & Wu, W. (2014). Collaborative resource sharing between public and school libraries. Interlending & Document Supply, 42(4), 159-164. Retrieved from

Summary: This study proposes that school librarians invite public librarians to school events to sign students up for public library cards. They should also work at collaborating on developing interlibrary loans. This collaboration and resource sharing may increase overall impact on learning in the community. It is noted that this study focuses on the perspective of public librarians but does not include the perspectives of school librarians.

Response: This is an interesting study that proposes a non-traditional layer of collaboration between schools and public libraries. The findings suggest that there are possibilities that need further study to benefit youth and develop lifelong learning.

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  1. I really wish they had gotten input from school librarians. Presentation #2 showed me the importance of collaboration among public, school, and academic librarians during this challenging times. My last boss hosted outreach nights with local elementary schools to show the students and parents the help we're here to offer to them.