Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Developing the Library Collection for Native American Studies

Buentello, Ruby

Norton, Donna E.  & Norton, Saundra E. (2008) Developing the library collection for native american studies, The Acquisitions Librarian, 5:9-10, 247-266, DOI: 10.1300/J101v05n09_18

Summary: This article broke down what a Native American Studies Collection should look like at an academic library. The authors provided a list of the types of literature that must be part of the library collection, criteria’s and examples for evaluating Native American literature and lastly, discussing issues of concern when developing the collection. The review of the types of literature that must be included along with the examples indeed meet the needs of students, scholars and the general public interested in Native American Studies.

Evaluation:  As the authors described the types of literature and why they must be in the collection, I found myself making connections and comparisons to my previous university’s Native American Studies Collection. It described how to use the different literature types together or merely the benefit of having different kinds of literature. The criteria’s for evaluating Native American literature is an excellent guide to make sure you can meet the needs and future research needs of the students and scholars and also that you are respectful of the information/culture.

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