Monday, April 9, 2018

Weeding and Collection Management in Youth Services

Smith, Cassandra

Library ProKits (2015). Weeding and collection management in youth services [video file]. Retrieved from


This 13 minute video offers suggestions for increasing circulation through weeding and other methods. One librarian explains how to use Web Dewey to find how other libraries are cataloging books so that like-items can be grouped together. They recommend having bookshelves only ⅔ full, allowing for ample room for “face outs.” Shelf ends highlight “If you liked [title of book], try one of these” posters with read alikes on display. Similar to a book store, they also recommend stacking multiple copies of books under a display copy.

The two ladies in this video offer great insight into how to increase circulation. Once a collection has whittled down to what users are truly interested in, circulation will increase because they won't have to sift through old or uninteresting materials. Their creative methods could prove beneficial to many libraries. Many people gravitate or shy away from books based on their covers, so it's important to showcase covers as much as possible. With fewer books on the shelves, that frees up more space for outward facing books.

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