Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Web 2.0 School Librarian

Poser-Brown, Lora

Hallstrom, J. (2013). Building it together: Life as a virtual school librarian. Library Media Connection, 31(5), 22-23.

Reflection: The “Life as a Virtual School Librarian” article was intriguing. The article was written by Janet Hallstrom, a teacher-librarian in her fifth decade of librarianship. She discusses the similarities and differences between traditional library work and virtual library tasks. The primary difference is the abundance of information available for online libraries. A great quote in the article is “Because of the wealth of information, the virtual librarian is assured that she has something helpful for everyone.” However, this plentiful bounty offers a huge challenge in cultivation and collection for the librarian because of resource quality. Hallstrom also mentions the great Web 2.0 tools she offers her online patrons and assists them with.

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