Sunday, May 15, 2016

Bringing them in: Developing library gaming programs

Werner, K. (2013). Bringing Them In: Developing a Gaming Program for the Library. Library Trends, 61(4), 790-801.

This article describes the development of a library card, board, video, and role-play game collection, gaming days and tournaments that fostered connections with young children, teens, and the local community and businesses.
Alongside the advertised gaming days, the library created a book club hour before gaming time for younger children, and a teen advisory board alongside their gaming time.  Creating this program, the library has become a place teens feel welcome in:  the Teen Book Club is made up of many male teens who started going to the library for the gaming events and became dedicated patrons and readers, and the Summer Reading Program doubled within a five year period.  Also, connections with businesses and community were formed as the library advertised in gaming stores and got advice, marketing tips and support.

Recommendations are given of how to start a gaming program.  Games are suggested and ways to research and find the right games are given.  Listed card, board and role-playing games for the most part can be considered ‘current.’  However, given that this article is published in 2013, the video games may be out-of-date.

Challenges are presented:  the right space for gaming time, theft, download issues, ipad and hand-held devices for gaming use is on the horizon as of 2013.  The writer points out other games may still be valuable, and still encourage participation and interest in the library.

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