Sunday, May 8, 2016

Creating Curriculum Connections with Library Collections

 Creating Curriculum Connections with Library Collections

The article, "Creating Curriculum Connections with Library Collections," author and teen librarian Sarah Gowdy discusses how she was able to collaborate with her local jr. high and high schools in order to create a connection with the educators and students to the library and its relevant resources for the students' curriculum and projects. In forming a partnership with Bentonville's literacy specialists and in doing so, she was able to identify that simply introducing teachers to the libraries resources would allow them in turn to let their students know about these in order to utilize them for their assignments.
The positive outcomes from creating the curriculum newsletter are as follows:

"The process of creating the Curriculum Connections revealed strengths and weaknesses in the library’s collections. I continue to correct weaknesses by weeding outdated non-fiction and purchasing new books that are relevant to today’s students. In sharing the newsletters, library
staff have received positive feedback from school faculty, parents, and students who have used our resources to support classwork (Gowdy, 2014)."

Gowdy, S., & Dudley, H. (2014). Creating Curriculum Connections with Library Collections. Arkansas Libraries, 71(3), 4-5.

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