Saturday, October 22, 2016

The Common Core and Children's Literature

Martinez, Evelyn

Wadham, R. L., & Young, T. A. (n.d.). Integrating children's literature through the common core state standards. Retrieved October 19, 2016.

Summary Notes: In the first chapter, the authors discuss the Common Core State Standards generally and how they were created.  They also discuss what it is and commonly held misconceptions about the state standards.  In chapter two the authors discuss how reading fiction and non-fiction texts along with other foundational skills such as writing, speaking, language and listening is the centerpiece of the standards and integrating these skills across all content areas and subjects including math, science and social studies.  In chapter three, text complexity is examined as well as qualitative and quantitative measures that should be understood to provide students with appropriate texts.  They also discuss the importance of considering the dynamics of readers and tasks when considering appropriate texts.  Chapter four examines the importance and centrality of children’s books in teaching across the curriculum.  Children’s books are very versatile because they include all genres and a variety of formats which can be used in all content areas.  Selecting appropriate children’s text is also discussed as well as the importance of assessing the text complexity in children’s texts.  In chapter five, the importance of Inquiry Learning, the process of learning through a process that is student centered, collaborative, active as well as well scaffolded and structured.  The authors also discuss the need for students to have “21 Century Skills” meaning being college and workplace ready.  They discuss the importance of students to be able to do close and critical reading which means to be able to decipher complex text independently.

Evaluation: This is an important resource for classroom teachers, Teacher Librarians and Librarians working with children.  The Common Core State Standards are central in public school education and the information provided will be extremely helpful and beneficial in order to assist and support children on an academic level.  The text offers background information that is helpful to understand curriculum needs of teachers.  The text also offers additional links to resources that will further assist readers to better serve readers and user of children’s texts.

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