Thursday, December 1, 2016

LGBTQ Collection Development

Deligencia, Nick

Fiehn, B. & Suzuki, T. (2013, November 6).  LGBTQ diversity: Building a collection for independent readers. Retrieved from

Summary:  The authors recommend 17 books for students in grades 4-9.  LGBTQ materials may face challenges from the community, but libraries must recognize that “nearly 2 million children live in same-sex parent homes; they are no longer an exception in the diversity of family constructs.”  Additionally, many students may identify as LGBTQ themselves, or choose to ally themselves with those who do.

Most books on the list do not feature LGBTQ main characters.  There are fiction and nonfiction titles.

Comments:  California mandates LGBT inclusion in the curriculum.  There is no age/grade requirement for when/how this is to be accomplished.  I work in a fairly progressive-minded high school, and there is a segment of the student population that openly identifies as LGBTQ.  Thoughtful inclusion of books in this genre supports current and future students, as well as state curriculum guidelines.  Many students in the school read at the 5-7 grade level, so the books on the list should be accessible for independent reading.  This article provided 17 concrete, vetted recommendations along with a brief summary of each title--a great time-saver for a school librarian!

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