Monday, May 14, 2018

Content Curation and the School Librarian

Jessica Brooks

Robertson, N.D. (2012)  Content curation and the school librarian.  Knowledge Quest: Personal Learning Networks--Online Exclusive.  Accessed 5/14/18.

This article stresses the importance of using your PLN, or Professional/Personalized Learning Network as a resource when collecting and curating digital resources for the library.  The author also focuses on students as curators, and having students create their own PLN's and curate resources for assignments together.  The author uses Pinterest, Symbaloo, and Storify as example web tools for curation.

Though this article is a little out of date (2012) and Storify is no longer active, the author's ideas are useful and relevant.  I appreciate the idea of having students work with social bookmarking sites like symbaloo to create their own digital resource board.

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