Thursday, May 10, 2018

How to save a public library: make it a seed bank

 Rivera, Destiny 
Runyon, L. (Host). (2013, February 2). How to save a public library: make it a seed bank. [Radio broadcast episode]. /how-to-save-a-public-library-make-it-a-seed-bank

In 2013, NPR did a brief news segment about five public libraries that incorporate seed libraries into their environment.  NPR described the action of hosting seed libraries within public library institutions as an act that could potentially “save” the library. This bold statement is something to remember in the broader discussion about the library’s role and relevance in today’s world. The fact that seeds are open and accessible to the public aligns perfectly with the mission of the library to provide easily accessible and equitable resources. While the growth of seed libraries within public libraries is still on the rise, the impacts and success of their development could be measured favorably.

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