Thursday, May 10, 2018

The case of LLACE

Rivera, Destiny

Wakimoto, D. K., Hansen, D. L., & Bruce, C. (2013). The case of LLACE: Challenge, triumphs, and lessons of a community archives. The American Archivist, 76(2), 438-457.

This article gives us a little history on the Lavender Library, Archives, and Cultural Exchange (LLACE), a people’s library with LGBT items located in Sacramento, California. This library has withstood resistance and condemnation but affirms its mission to serve this community and anyone interested. They have presentations, crafternoons, film screenings and more!  LLACE is a setting in which contents that serve historically marginalized communities can be curated and preserved by and for the people. LLACE “affirms its commitment to document communities neglected by institutional archives and libraries”. Developing institutional spaces for marginalized communities is one way in which libraries serve the community. LLACE represents a Special Collections and is a highly recommended read for developing a collection that embodies the diversity of the community.

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