Friday, May 11, 2018

The public library as a meeting-place in a multicultural and digital context

This paper was written in the early 2000s, as people’s ideas of the function of the public library was beginning to change. The traditional role of the library is one of research and a collection of books. However, the community is starting to use the public library as a meeting place and a source of multicultural exchange. The public library now offers several services of interest to new immigrants to ease the transition to the United States. Furthermore, the library is a direct link to the immigrant community to their newly chosen community.

This article is a good explanation of how libraries function more broadly within the community. With its “low-intensive” spaces, the library allows multiple groups and organizations to meet and gradual introduce themselves to their new community. Moreover, the increased collection of electronic resources has allowed both digital and physical communities to connect. The modern library functions more as a bridge between people.

Ragnar Audunson, (2005) "The public library as a meeting‐place in a multicultural and digital context: The necessity of low‐intensive meeting‐places", Journal of Documentation, Vol. 61 Issue: 3, pp.429-441, https://

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