Monday, April 4, 2016

Build Reading Enthusiasm with Student Book Awards

Amy Jessica McMillan
INFO 266
April 4, 2016

McCormack, J. J. (2014). Rock self-directed reading with student book awards. Library media connection, 32(4), 48-49.

Summary: McCormack is a K-6 librarian who runs an academy-awards-style book contest every year in her school library. Kids read as the spirit moves them--with guidance but not requirements from the teacher librarian and classroom teachers. Classes nominate favorite books, and the at the end of the year there is a special ceremony for winners. Students are the emcees. Winning books are stamped with a "Kids Choice" sticker and placed in prominent locations around the library.

Evaluation and Analysis: I think this plan would be a great way to build school-wide enthusiasm for reading with the caveat that the whole staff is on board to help. The secondary version would probably only require that the English department help with nominations and voting. Maybe each English class could nominate two titles and then there could be a school-wide vote using a Google form. I also like that students can read and nominate whatever they want. Teachers are not allowed to make value judgments about what students like to read. The students are in charge of what gets nominated and selected.

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