Friday, October 21, 2016

Developing a manga is here

Schlatter, Rebecca
INFO 266, Fall 2016

Alverson, B.(2014). Manga makes a comeback.  School Library Journal.  Retrieved from

This article explains the “new manga landscape” as of 2014.  It explains how the materials are published, and how to access some manga online.  Then it offers a list of 16 popular titles, with summaries and guidance on how to purchase those materials.

This is a great article for those who know little about Manga.  Students in my library are clamoring for these books, but being as unfamiliar with the genre as I am, I have had a hard time stocking these books in the library.  I couldn’t find how to replace lost books, couldn’t find vendors who had the full series, and couldn’t figure out which ones were and were not appropriate for middle school.  This article really clears all these issues up.   A life-saver for a manga novice like me.

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