Friday, October 21, 2016

It takes a village

Tracy, Anna
INFO 266, Fall 2016

Mickelsen, A. (2016). PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT. Library Journal, 141(14), 34-36.

Overall take away; ‘It takes a village’ and ‘don’t be afraid to fail’. This article discusses the very basics of collection development. The importance of not only purchasing materials, but in their upkeep and replacement as well, utilizing subscription software’s such as Edelweiss and challenges we will all face.

In my limited experience, I have encountered almost everything discussed in this article. I have found that my budget is never enough, and that since it is only a small facet of my position, it truly does take a village. Most importantly I found that connecting with the customer’s one on one is the best way to see trends and predict purchasing wants and needs in order to make the collection as relevant to our patrons as possible.

I just began using Edelweiss about a month ago and have found it extremely helpful, though I have only scratched the surface in terms of its capabilities and have been using it extensively for overdue weeding at this point. It was interesting to read how other people might utilize the software and to hear positive remarks in its favor.

I found it interesting that the author said collections development is about balance. I have inherited two departments that have not had balance in their development for the last several years and as such are in extreme need of weeding and replacement ordering, with a budget only allowing for new materials or replacement. There is a balance to be found between the two, though I fear it will take several years to get the collection back up to par.

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